Sunday, October 02, 2005

In search of the ultimate BBQ

We have been to several places since we have been in Cincinnati looking for anything that might have looked like real BBQ. Unfortunately, pickings are pretty slim. However, we found a couple of gems, and will advise you where to stay away from in the vicinity. The next few posts will deal with that.

We had heard about the Montgomery Inn. I was taken there by some software reps last year. It sucks. Don't even bother. The ribs are boiled. Everything is covered in sweet sauce, so much so, that it hides the flavor of the meat. This is what these Yankees up here are used to. Supposedly this famous place is where Bob Hope had ribs flown in for his golf tournament every year. I have lots 2 points of respect for Mr. Hope because of this.

We had heard about this place in Lexington, KY called Billy's BBQ. It was labeled, "The Best BBQ in Lexington". So we drove from Cincinnati to Lexington JUST TO EAT BBQ. Does this tell you I am serious? Here is a picture of Cynthia outside the place to prove we were there. They did not have any "sampler" platters so we had to buy a little bit of everything, which meant we had way to much leftover. We politely asked for a take home plate. We dumped in in the trash can at a near by mall. I am convinced now that people in Lexington have little to no taste buds as this was possibly the worst I have had in a long time. The sauces sucked and the meat had no flavor. Everything was extremely greasy. The employees had no passion for the food they were serving, and no pride in serving it. Oh yeah, their idea of cheese grits is to throw a pound of garlic and a bunch of cheese in some grits and bake it like a muffin. This was like eating a cure for vampires. It was downright gross, but the smell and consistency would have made for good catfish bait.

In my next post, we'll review some more places - believe it or not there area couple of good places, and one GREAT place. More about that later....


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