Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, its been a month. Still down in Jacksonville, Florida. Trying to develop business for Loadtester. Since the first of Jan, I have given up the following:

1. oil/fat fried stuff
2. Refined Sugar
3. Table Salt
4. Dairy/milk/cheese
5. Caffiene!!!!!

That's right. Those 29 flavors of coffee in the cupboard will have to wait. I'm walking 30 minutes each day (at least) and trying to get more exercise. And I drink about a gallon of water every day. So far, I've lost 17 lbs. I eat about 5 times a day. I do miss my Q! I miss it more than I have words to say.

At some point when I have gotten down to what I feel is reasonable, I'll put some Q back in the diet. However, I don't think I really want to go back to the bloated codfish of a man I was before. My head is a LOT clearer and I feel a lot better. The first 3 days were awful. I had a headache like you would not believe. It was like coming off of drugs or something (from what I hear).

Now I actually enjoy this way of doing things. It becomes a little intrusive to work when you have to stop every 3 hours to eat something, and you basically are a urine factory. But this is the first time it has been easy to lose those extra pounds. I'm never hungry, and that was the important thing to me. It gets a little easier each day.

Business in Jacksonville is slowly developing, but I have few key relationships here since I have been gone so long. I think once people get to know me and get introduced to the company they won't have any problems letting us help them.


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