Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sarasota Seafood Places

Here are a few of the places we have enjoyed since being down in Sarasota:

http://www.captaincurts.com - This was walking distance from where we stayed and surprisingly it was really good. The only hassle was that you have to shuck your own oysters, and you know how lazy I am. But they were big and steamed just right. I also had a grouper sandwich with cheese. The grouper here is really good. No MSG

http://www.waltsfishmarket.com - This is a low key place that has some excellent seafood, and some of the freshest. They have this great smoked mulled dip and this weird hot vinegar sauce that I really liked. Very reasonable prices, and they also sell fresh seafood caught by local fisherman. I would recommend this place. No MSG

http://www.originaloysterbar.com/ - This place just OK, but after 58 years in business, they decided to close. We ate there on the last night in business. Our food was over cooked, and the service was just so-so. Good riddance as far as I'm concerned.


Shell's Seafood. The food is so-so, but don't try to custom order anything. If it is not on their little keypad for the register, the waiters get confused and they don't know what to do. It's overpriced a bit, and the overall service sucks. The bread sucks too. The other options above are much better places to go.

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