Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Ribs

Well, a lot of you think I just taste test other peoples stuff and rate it like I think I can do better. Time to put my expertise to work. On July 4th I decided to try another round of ribs, this time learning some of the tips and tricks from recent research. I prepped them the night before and we made a slightly different rub than we normally do. It turned out to be the magic trick we needed to improve the overall flavor.These were the best I have ever had. Although the picture below looks like the left front might be a little overcooked, it wasn't. These were perfect.

For two racks of spare ribs, they were cooked for 5 hours on about 220 degrees in my smoker.


Notice the sampled portion in the top right background. I was sampling while cutting them up. I just wish I had some of these BBQ resturant owners at the house that day to judge my Q! I would beat about 80% of them.

To top this off, I made my own sauce, and I also used some I bought from Dreamland the last time I was there. Man, this was a great independence day indeed!

Big Daddy

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