Friday, August 04, 2006

David tries to cook a brisket...

A friend of mine from Atlanta sent me this email:

Scott -

Here are some shots of me and my rig with a nice Brisket. I cooked it last Sunday. It came out OK. I think the temp was a bit high and casued it to cook to fast.

The meat has a nice smoked look. I use regualr coal and hickory. My best meal by far is still the turkey breast!



Yeah - brisket is a hard one. You gotta do a lot of research and have a whole weekend to baby that thing. Most briskets take about 15 to 20 hours to cook over very slow heat. At some point they are wrapped in tin foil and there are all kinds of tricks and tips you can use to make it tender. I am still working on my own way of doing it, but the three main areas are smokiness, tenderness, and flavor.

Hey - if you want to send me your pictures and BBQ story I will be happy to post it.

Big Daddy

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