Sunday, April 19, 2009

Williamson Bros Bar-B-Q: Marietta, GA

This guest review is from Erik Pena. This place is huge. This was just one of the rooms. There was a moose over my table.
I was cajoled into getting AUCE but really it was only $1.50 or so more than the single plate. So I overate and liked it. I got: mac-n-cheese (very cheesy but ordinary, the bottle of sauce (nice tomato, sweet, zesty, peppery, soupy consistency. very good), toast (used it to soak up some stew, Brunswick stew (very good, but a little runnier than I like) and ... pulled pork and riblets. pulled pork was great crisp with tender, not dry great with the sauce. Riblets were even better.

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Erik said...

Yay for guest reviews. Unfortunately I don't take a good digital camera with me when I travel so these are all semi-washed out pictures with my Treo.
I also don't always eat Q when I travel. I've been known to search out burger joints primarily but I'm also developing a fondness for the "Meat-n-Three" and diners. It's all first class Americana to me so you can't go wrong. There's only so many Applebees you can eat at before your head explodes.