Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jenkins Barbecue - Jacksonville, FL

Guest Review by Erik Pena

Jacksonville is a town that rolls up the sidewalks at night. Finding things to do downtown is not easy. There's The Landing and ... well are we heading to Southside or the beach now?

This place is by a big Baptist church with a lighthouse in a part of town that looks conducive to certain felonies. The whole block smells smoky from the place which is good unless it caught fire recently.

Travelling a lot let's me sample BBQ from all over the south. I didn't expect Jacksonville to use a mustard base. That is more of a South Carolina thing. But that's how they do it here.

I got the Rib "Sandwich". This is a misnomer unless you call the space shuttle an airplane. As you can see from the picture it's a slab of ribs plopped down on four slices of white bread -- two on the bottom, two on the top. I got the sweet mustard and spicy mustard on the side since I wanted to try both. These were very good ribs not too heavily seasoned.

Sweet tea is very good. I told the lady behind the counter that it tasted like it had some honey in it. She immediately said "I ain't tellinya" with a smile. Gotta protect those secret recipes. Whatever, I wanted a refill.
Normally I don't go to many places more than once. I came back here later in the week. The first time I got red velvet cake for dessert. The second time I got sweet potato pie. It was good but I should have gotten the red velvet again. It was worth the trip.

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Erik said...

Everybody needs a web presence.

Serving the food on butcher block paper was a nice touch too.