Wednesday, March 16, 2011

North Main BBQ - Euless, TX

My friend, James Pulley, has been telling me about this place for at least six years. I always say I am going to go to it the next time I am in Dallas, but I missed it several times. This is mainly because they are only open on weekends, so you have to be there on the right days.

We stopped in and grabbed some pulled pork and a few ribs to sample the Q. There is no doubt this is a great place. I have to say the ribs are definitely the star here. The BBQ sauce is a bit different than most others. I liked it, but my wife wasn't too fond of it. I liked it so much I bought a bottle of the stuff to take home with me. But I digress. The ribs don't realyl need sauce. They were cooked to perfection and were easy to eat right off the bone. They were seasoned well. They might be a little salty for some people, but they were perfect for my tastes.

I would definitely recommend you check out North Main BBQ in Euless. If you fly into Dallas on a Friday, they are just one exit or so away from the south entrance of the DFW airport.

North Main BBQ
406 N. Main St.
Euless, TX. 76039

Open Fri and Sat 11 - 9
Sun 11 - 4

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