Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Boulder Trip and Bull's BBQ in Jacksonville

I have been slipping in a little Q into my diet lately, while still trying to keep what weight I have lost off of me. Just got back from Boulder and Denver on a business trip. Had fun, but there is no Q over there to speak of. I did try a coffee shop called Peaberry Coffee, and it is probably one of the best coffees I've had. I have been trying to do more tea and decaf drinks instead of coffee. I have had two cups of regular coffee since I quit in January. I am getting to where I don't miss it. Instead, I am drinking more hot tea, which I understand is good for you anyway. I like peppermint tea and some of the other decaf blends. I have about two hot cups a day at least, which the boiling water and splenda. I have been drinking unsweet ice tea and adding splenda if they have it, or else nothing added. I think keeping the sugar down if I can is probably a key to my success for feeling better. While we were in Boulder we had to check out Celestial Seasonings. Their HQ is just north of Boulder and they have over 96 flavors of tea. We bought just a little because we could only fit so much in our suitcase for the flight home. I'll be buying some more online once we settle down somewhere and stop traveling so much.

If you are ever in Boudler and want to stay in a REALLY nice place, check out St. Julien Hotel and Spa. Its new and upscale. The rooms are great. I suggest suite 356. It is possibly the best room with the biggest private balcony with a view of the mountain. You can sit and dine on your balcony and watch the sun set. The 42 inch LCD digital TV on the wall is a nice touch. The bed is one of the most comfortable I have ever slept in. Check out the Walnut Brewery for some huge salads too!!

On my last trip to Cincinnati about a month ago we decided to stop by Jucy's on the way home. It was good, as usual. I have been trying to eat less when I do eat the Q so I can enjoy it more frequently. If I can keep my exercise up and watch my portions, I might be able to sneak it in more often. Since I haven't totally given up coffee (but just rarely drinking it) we also had to stop by Jungle Jim's and get some of that Highlander Grogg - but this time the decaf version. It smells so good I could just grind it up to smell up the house and it would be ok with me.

We had to go down to Sebring, FL for a couple of days around 2/24, and we stayed at "INN on the Lakes" there. I would definitely recommend their Hong Kong wings at the internal restaurant Chicane's. We ate them every night. They are really good. Got us hooked back on wings again.

Monday we tried Gator's Dockside Wings in Jacksonville. It has been about 4 years since I have had their grilled wings, which I do like. They weren't as good as I remember, but this was the Baymeadows location. At the other end of the strip mall is "Bull's BBQ" and I saw smoke so I figured I would give that a try. So yesterday we decided to stop in for an early dinner. I got the chicken and rib combo. This place is what Bono's would be if they sunk to a lower level. The ribs were definitely sub-par and a little too greasy. The chicken was a little more moist than Bono's (which can sometimes be a bit dry), but their sauces were not decent at all. The sweet sauce wasn't really sweet, the hot mustard sauce was not even hot, and their standard mustard sauce tasted like they put a bunch of oily italian salad dressing in it. Their baked beans were basically Bush's beans poured right out of the can and heated up. The slaw was limp and had little flavor outside the mayo that coated it. I would give Bull's about a 3 or a 4. It's not inedible, but I would go to Bono's over them any day, and that's not saying much about Bono's so don't get the wrong impression.

I am going to try another place today called the "Rib Shack" which is close to where we are staying that I did not know about. I recently got Microsoft Streets and Trips and I just found the feature where you can locate all of the BBQ places within a certian radius. It's a pretty cool feature that will help you find those out of the way spots you won't see from just driving down a busy street.

Anyway, I saw on one blog where they have good BBQ and bananna pudding so I'm going to try that. Will have a review right here.

We will be taking a trip over the weekend all the way up to near Philadelphia, PA. I intend to use my new tool to find out all the BBQ places within 2 miles of the main roads we will be on. You can bet I'll be talking up the good spots so I don't forget.

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