Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Down South Barbeque - Ponte Vedra, FL

On 3/24, we tried Down South BBQ. It is located in Ponte Vedra, just past Sawgrass. This was the week of some golf thing so there was a bit more traffic than usual. Golf is useless. BBQ is not. Anyway, we tried it and it was .... OK. They had a lot of sauces to choose from. Many were on the sweeter side, but overall it was much better than the standard JAX place. I do like that they had 8 or so sauces to choose from. There was Georgia (which I thought was overall the best) which was a sweet mustard based. There was South Carolina (similar but tasted like it had horseradish in it), Memphis and Kansas City (sweet red sauces), hot, North Carolina (which was a vinegar base), and there was a couple of others I can't recall.

I had the ribs and pork combo with BBQ beans and greens. The greens were not that great. The BBQ beans were probably better than most around JAX so no complaints there. The "ribs" were baby back ribs and they were a little burnt. Had they not been burnt they would have been better, but these were like Applebees ribs, not "real" ribs. The pork was pulled but it was hard to find any smoke in either that or the ribs.

So overall, Down South rates about a 5.5 or so. It's not great, but its edible, and the sauces are much better than the standard JAX sauces. They are not too expensive so somehow their location in Ponte Vedra hasn't affected them - yet.

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