Monday, April 03, 2006

Bill Spoon's BBQ - Charlotte, NC

Our first full day in Charlotte, and it didn't take us long to hunt out Bill Spoon's. This came highly recommended by James Pulley. This is authentic North Carolina style BBQ. It's basically minced pork, chopped finer than the standard "choppped" pork. It is the only thing labeled as "BBQ" on the menu. No ribs, no chicken. The sauce is clear, and vinegar based.

The slaw is a MUSTARD based slaw with a yellow tint. Its an interesting taste for someone who has never exeprienced it. Some will like and some won't.

Overall, the only place I can compare this resurant to would be Wilber's in Goldsboro, NC.

My review:

The pork itself was very good, but I prefer hot sauce over the vinegar on top. I believe this is slightly better than Wilber's.

The beans were good.

The hushpuppies were a little salty, but in the very good category. I wouldn't stop until they were gone.

The slaw was OK, but I have not made my mind up about the mustard based flavor. it has to be eaten with something or it gets a bit sharp.

The sweet tea was EXCELLENT. If all places made tea this way, the world would be a better place.

Overall score would be a 7, but in the Carolina vinegar category (which to me is one all by itself) I would have to go higher to an 8.

My companion in travel had never experienced the Carolina style and was a little less enthusiastic about it, but he like the pork itself without the sauce.

I would have to recommend Spoon's to anyone visiting Charlotte as I think they represent what that style is about.


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